Want to Keep Your Coaching Job? Win, And Do This

More great coverage of our very own Brian Cadman's research about coaching success and academic success. New research from Cadman, with Harvard University’s Christopher Avery, INSEAD’s Gavin Cassar shows that DI coaches for revenue sports - are less likely to get fired if their players are also doing well academically. It’s easy to measure winners on the court. Villanova, Oklahoma, North Carolina and Syracuse universities [...]

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Check out the first Eccles Experience film, ‘Brainstorm’

Dozens of students, faculty and staff gathered Wednesday afternoon to watch the premiere of “Brainstorm,” the first in series of six films about the Eccles School. The three-minute film follows three freshmen as they make their way to the first day of class, work on a class project about creating a business and enjoy student life in Salt Lake City. Check it out here: [...]

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