Editor’s Note: This series profiles students at the Eccles School to highlight their achievements and to inspire their peers as they pursue different career paths and academic opportunities.

Alex Carr is a senior at the University of Utah studying Multi-Disciplinary Design & Student Spotlight: Alex CarrEntrepreneurship. Apart from being a full-time student, he also has started a successful company called CharPoles.

Eccles School: What made you choose business?

Carr: At first, I was a pre-med student. But in all honestly, it was the Innovation Scholar class that made me change my major. At that point in my life, I was really searching for that sole purpose in my education. I have never been a fan of just taking classes to take classes and just graduate. My professor at the time Kathy Hajeb really just digs down deep and helps you find the core issue or problem statement that you are trying to solve. For me, it was a change in the way of thinking.

Eccles School: What are your main values?

Carr: Other people first. What comes around goes around!

Eccles School: How did you start the Social Entrepreneurship Abroad Program?