Make sure to check out this 5 part series and learn more about the other amazing destinations the Real Estate Around the World trip landed this year, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Dublin. 

Our flight out of Italy brings our time in Prague and Rome at a close.

In Prague, we visited with developer FINEP CZ and construction company PP53. We learned that creating a building from start to finish in Prague takes a minimum of 10 years! We also learned about their entitlement process and were able to talk in depth about Czech zoning regulations. The meeting took place in a new office building that PP53 was constructing. It was crazy to think that the building we were sitting in had been ten years in the making!

During the rest of our time in Prague, we were able to explore and tour around the city. We visited the Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square and the Prague Castle. Throughout the tour we enjoyed getting to know about the historical significance of each place.

After a two short days in Prague, we landed in Rome. During our time in Rome, we attended a guided tour of the Vatican and tasted a number of different gelato flavors. During our free time, some groups visited the Coliseum and Piazza Novona, while other groups were able to visit some additional major sites and landmarks.

Overall, our time in Rome and Prague was an incredible experience. We were able to learn about each country’s history and how they are moving forward, mixing the old with the new.

After clocking in 18,000 steps on our last day in Rome, we are on our way to Ireland!

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