Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute
Eric Albers
Graduate Assistant
Samantha Ball
Senior Research Associate
Mallory Bateman
Senior Research Analyst
Max Becker
Research Associate
Andrea Brandley
Research Associate
Michael Christensen
Scholar in Residence
Phillip Dean
Public Finance Senior Fellow
Dejan Eskic
Senior Research Analyst
Natalie Gochnour
Assistant Dean; Director of the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute
Emily Harris
Demographic Analyst
Michael Hogue
Senior Research Statistician
Mike Hollingshaus
Senior Demographer
Thomas Holst
Senior Energy Analyst
Shelley Kruger
Accounting & Finance Manager
Colleen Larson
Administrative and Events Manager
Jennifer Leaver
Senior Tourism Analyst
Nathan Lloyd
Deputy Director for Economic and Public Policy Research
Dianne Meppen
Director of Survey Research
Levi Pace
Senior Research Economist
Jennifer Robinson
Associate Director
Natalie Roney
Research Associate
Shannon Simonsen
Research Coordinator
Paul Springer
Senior Graphic Designer
Laura Summers
Senior Health Care Analyst
Nick Thiriot
Communications Director
James Wood
Director, Research and Science