Cesar Sanchez

Associate Director of Eccles Global; Adjunct Instructor

Eccles Global

Adjunct, Faculty, Staff

Cesar is a truly global citizen. He has lived in Chile, Italy, South Korea, the United States, Brazil, and France and has done business in more than 12 countries. His current research focus is on startups and their international expansion. He holds an M.Sc. degree in Finance from the University of Utah and an undergraduate degree from BYU-Idaho.

During his professional career, he led corporate venturing for the Italian multinational utility Enel, where he and his team created a corporate venture program called Energy Start. This program was focused on finding startups that could add value to the company and the more than 200 million clients in 35 countries. He also played an essential role in the insertion of electric mobility in Chile. Working closely with the secretary of transportation, he was able to bring the first electric bus and fleet of electric buses to South America. Today there are over one thousand electric buses in Santiago, Chile.

In 2015, he started an EdTech business called League of Tutors that connected hundreds of tutors with students from all over the country. He currently represents the Extreme Tech Challenge for Latin America, the largest startup competition for entrepreneurs addressing global challenges.

Cesar has also been a consultant for several governments and international organizations on topics related to entrepreneurship, diaspora influence in local entrepreneurial ecosystems, sustainable development goals, and more.