Editor’s Note: During the Summer of 2018, David Eccles School of Business students had the opportunity to study abroad in many different countries through the Eccles Global Learning Abroad program. Summer Semester programs are offered in Spain, France, or Italy. Below are a few students who shared their travel experiences and what it’s like to take classes overseas. Feel free to visit these students Instagram pages to see more incredible pictures of their travel abroad.

Dominique Miranda — @dommirandaa

Attended all 3 Sessions, Summer 2018

“I have had such an exciting adventure studying abroad and experiencing all the different cultures. I learned how to apply business principles in international markets and network with so many people. I traveled to a lot of places like Paris, Rome, and Barcelona. In each country, I attended a bunch of company visits and was able to participate in excursions, along with any other travel plans of mine. The world has so much to offer, and I am constantly applying all the memories and lessons that I learned from Europe into my life.”

Jaiden Stevenson — @jrollx

Barcelona, Spain 2018

“My experience studying abroad in Barcelona was absolutely incredible. From learning about global finance to weekend excursions, my time abroad was so fulfilling. We were able to visit Dow Jones and Desigual, as well as meet local entrepreneurs. I would definitely recommend studying abroad to anyone who wants to broaden their horizons and see what other countries have to offer them.”

Danielle Bybee — @daniellebybee

Barcelona, Spain Summer Semester 2018

“I needed to get out of Utah! I love it, but I wanted a change, even if it was just for a month. At first, I looked at study abroad options that didn’t really help me in my major or career goals. I was ecstatic when I discovered Eccles Global and realized I could still take business classes while in Barcelona. Traveling while studying has never been more fun or productive. I made lifelong friends and will definitely remember last summer as one of the best in my life.”

Megan Williams — @meghan_lynne27

Barcelona & Paris Summer 2018, Peru Fall break with Freshman Ambassadors, Spring Break with Buzz in Malaysia

“Eccles Global has given me the incredible opportunity to travel across the world from South America to Asia. I loved studying abroad last summer in Barcelona and Paris, traveling to Morocco and Greece on the weekends, and having class by the Eiffel Tower!! Participating in the Fall Break Peru trip and Spring Break Malaysia trip helped me make lifelong friendships and gain insight into business etiquette of other cultures. I am so grateful for all the great experiences I have already had and excited for what the future holds!!”

Abigale Pound — @abigale.pound

Barcelona, Spain/Paris, France Summer Semester 2018

“The opportunity to study abroad through Eccles Global was an experience that I will never forget. I had never been out of the country before, but Eccles Global made the transition into the Summer Semester so easy. I got to live in Barcelona and Paris this past summer, take classes from the best teachers, see the world and make friends for a lifetime. There is no price tag too high for the trips that Eccles Global provides. With Eccles Global, I have been able to travel all over Europe and South America, I have grown so much over the past year because of these phenomenal experiences. I believe anyone and everyone should go on an Eccles Global trip — what are you waiting for?”