Freshman Scholars Travel to Dallas

I travelled to Dallas with the Business Scholars. We visited two distinguished companies that are headquartered in Dallas, Pizza Hut Corporation and Kimberly-Clark Corporation. We toured the Pizza Hut Corporate offices and learned about their marketing strategies. We were also able to hear from the CEO of Kimberly Clark about their unique corporate culture. I learned from these two companies the importance of being able to work as a team. Successfully executing corporate strategies requires good communication and teamwork. Not only did we visit companies, we also had the opportunity to go country line dancing, watch bull riding, and attend the Texas State fair. I travelled to Dallas expecting to learn how corporations operate; however, I didn’t realize that I would also make friendships with the other students that I have carried on even after the trip. I am grateful for this valuable opportunity to travel to Dallas and deem it a wonderful success.
By MaryJane Tingey