Cold weather tips & tricks to stay on time for school, work, and job interviews

February … the time of year when the Salt Lake valley endures the harshest of winter storms. A time when it snows so hard that you can’t tell where the sidewalk ends and the road begins. The driving conditions are dangerous, it’s freezing outside, and it’s really tempting to stay at home and watch Netflix all day. Ice Scraping Snow GIF from Icescraping [...]

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Forbes: There’s no excuse — don’t be late

Running late for yet another meeting? According to one Forbes columnist, that behavior is unacceptable. He argues that five minutes early is actually on time, and being at a 10 a.m. meeting at 10 a.m. means you are late. Check out his take on it here (and if punctuality just isn’t your thing, be prepared to be called everything from disrespectful to flaky to megalomaniacal). [...]

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