Adam Looney: The case for targeted student loan debt relief

Student debt relief has become a hot topic in the Biden administration, with many calling for across-the-board forgiveness. But Adam Looney, executive director of the Marriner S. Eccles Institute for Economics and Quantitative Analysis, says a more targeted approach is in order, since much of the debt - 36% - is owed by individuals in the top 20% of income distribution. Read Looney's full [...]

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James Lee Sorenson discusses global impact investing

James Lee Sorenson donated $13 million to the David Eccles School of Business in 2013 to create the James Lee Sorenson Global Impact Investing Center. Sorenson has written about the importance of global impact investing to solve social problems around the world in an op-ed in the Nov. 15 edition of The Salt Lake Tribune.. Check out his insightful article by clicking here to find out more about [...]

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