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Join us to celebrate Eccles School Week from Feb. 12-16

It's Eccles School Week, and we're celebrating with events throughout the week. Stop by the SFEBB lobby to share what you love about the Eccles School, and then celebrate with these events: Daily, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Grab a treat in the SFEBB lobby and write a thank you note to your favorite Eccles School faculty or staff. It's a great opportunity to [...]

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Eccles School Fashion Week Show

Dozens of students rush to set up chairs, fold programs, check lights, audio, and get camera-ready in the moments leading up to Eccles School Fashion Week. Hurried, but calm efforts, led by the Eccles School’s own Dylan Conklin, rapidly shape the Bill & Pat Child Family Community Hall into a proper runway bordered by neat lines of chairs, programs and anticipation-filled guests. Nervous energy aside, [...]

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