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Irrational humans cause issues for Rational Markets Theory

Human behavior can be an odd thing, and it's something that can drastically affect important parts of our lives, including our economy. "Even markets with some rational participants can behave irrationally. Speculation can move prices around for irrational reasons, and rational traders often either can’t or won’t bother to correct them," according to a Bloomberg article that cites the research of Matthew Ringgenberg, associate [...]

2018-04-04T21:13:24-06:00April 4th, 2018|

David Eccles Award: Becky Flynn honored for Transformation

The first David Eccles Award for Transformation goes to Becky Flynn. “Becky has done a tremendous job in the Department of Finance student placement,” one nominator wrote. “She is involved in all facets of placement from training and preparing students for the job market, to helping organize special events and activities, and arranging for local company visits.” Becky plays a key role in assisting [...]

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