Eccles School Week: Entrepreneurship

The David Eccles School of Business is highlighting the five school values that engage in the future. The fifth value honored is Entrepreneurship. We invite all to join us for “Entrepreneurship Day” on Thursday, Feb. 25. We have lots of fun activities planned – student-startup product giveaways, panel, film screening, info sessions, pitch event and more! See you there! Agenda (Thursday, Feb. 25) 9 a.m.-5:30 [...]

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Become the Eccles School Facebook Friend of the Week

You like the Eccles School. You like Facebook. You like free food. If you like all three, become the Eccles School Facebook Friend of the Week! Being our favorite friend for the week is easy. Just follow these three easy steps: Like the David Eccles School of Business Facebook page. Find out about the many exciting opportunities the business school has to offer. Share [...]

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Enter the modern ethical dilemmas essay contest

Do you have what it takes? The Student Center for the Public Trust and the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative is asking you to enter the Modern Ethical Dilemmas Essay Contest by submitting a three-page essay to discussing an ethical dilemma of modern society. Take a modern ethical dilemma and answer the questions of “What are its origins?” and “How does it affect individuals [...]