By now you’ve heard the benefits of getting your MBA – increase income opportunity, a better career path, and expanding your network, but perhaps you have lingering concerns. Maybe you have thought of pursuing an MBA, but you’re just not sure what’s expected in the classroom. The MBA Essentials program at the David Eccles School of Business invites you to take seven nights to explore the possibilities of returning to campus to develop your professional skills and advance your career.

Scott Kingdon, president of Enisin International, Inc. and a current Executive MBA student was in that exact place.

“I had already been accepted to the EMBA program when I decided to take the MBA Essentials course,” Kingdon explains. “I attended the MBA Essentials course to prepare myself. My formal academic background does not include business. I am a linguist and computer programmer. Needless to say, I was nervous about starting the EMBA program without some introduction to the material.”

The MBA Essentials class is taught by the same distinguished faculty who teach in the University of Utah’s highly ranked Part-time MBA programs, and they lead students through a combination of lecture, case study, role-playing, and group work. Each evening session is designed to take an in-depth look at key business components including leadership, communication, operations, marketing, and accounting. The focus is on providing tools that can be put to immediate use when you return to the office the next day.

Kingdon says he gained more confidence. “Dr. Bakhsheshy’s module on ‘Leadership & Management’ helped me overcome a lot of concerns I had about being the leader of a company,” he said. “After attending this module I not only knew how, but why I would be a leader.”

“I was also impressed with the