Three years ago, I was in Germany. I was visiting my motivated and very well connected friend from college.

As an ambitious and incredibly business savvy college grad, I knew that my business school classmate was headed toward professional success. However, this is also the same guy that had minimal real world experience and couldn’t tie his tie and speak German at the same time. And here he was—working for one powerhouse of a company across the Atlantic. I felt compelled to ask.

“So, how did you get this job?”

Two words (or technically one I suppose), “LinkedIn.”

LinkedIn is now getting ready to celebrate its 10th birthday, and today it boasts the largest professional network in the world with 200 million members (and counting) in more than 200 countries. Help LinkedIn ring in their 10th birthday and help yourself by using these five tips to become more marketable on the online business network.  

  1. Complete Profile
    First and foremost, you’ve got to have a profile, and a complete one at that! Be sure to fill out all sections, especially your current position, city, and industry. Customize your LinkedIn URL to something easy that incorporates your name. You are also able to see your profile strength. If you’re in need of some help in this department, you can click the Improve Your Profile Strength link for a guided tour. In addition, treat LinkedIn as you would your resume—professional, comprehensive, organized, and free from errors. LinkedIn even allows you to add work samples, projects, and business cards. An iPhone app called CardMunch lets you add your business card, store your connections, and connect via LinkedIn.
  2. Keyword Optimization 
    Secondly, your profile should be keyword rich. You should enhance your profile with industry buzzwo