5 signs you are ready for an MBA: Your next job promotion

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5 signs you are ready for an MBA: Your next job promotion

Check out this five-part series detailing each of the five signs that you are ready for an MBA with stories from University of Utah David Eccles School of Business MBA students/alumni. Read about the firstthird, fourth and fifth signs.

An MBA can be an important investment in your future, as it shows employers that you are dedicated and determined, your skills are refined and you are ready to take on leadership responsibilities. However, there are many factors to keep in mind before deciding to pursue an MBA, such as tuition costs and personal obligations. For many prospective students, it is difficult to know the best time to apply. In order to submit a competitive application and be successful in an MBA program, you need to pursue your degree at the right time.

2. An MBA is necessary for that next job promotion

For those that might not want to change industries but, instead, are looking to move up in their organization, an MBA may be necessary to gain that next job promotion and more responsibilities in the workplace.

For Miles Petty, a current University of Utah Professional MBA (PMBA) student, he was no longer feeling fulfilled in his current work position. In order to expand his possibilities, he needed an MBA to show he could take on greater responsibilities.

“I was afraid it would be too general; there were too many MBAs out there, and I could learn most of the concepts without needing to pursue a degree,” said Petty. “But I got to the point where I was stagnant in my job, wanted more opportunities, and I realized that without an additional boost I wouldn’t be an attractive enough candidate to get the jobs I wanted.”

While you may have the necessary qualifications for your current position, an MBA degree can give you leadership skills and knowledge needed to take on greater roles in an organization and manage higher-level projects.

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