5 signs you are ready for an MBA: You know what you want to gain

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5 signs you are ready for an MBA: You know what you want to gain

Check out this five-part series detailing each of the five signs that you are ready for an MBA with stories from University of Utah David Eccles School of Business MBA students/alumni. Read about the first, secondthird and fourth signs.

An MBA can be an important investment in your future, as it shows employers that you are dedicated and determined, your skills are refined and you are ready to take on leadership responsibilities. However, there are many factors to keep in mind before deciding to pursue an MBA, such as tuition costs and personal obligations. For many prospective students, it is difficult to know the best time to apply. In order to submit a competitive application and be successful in an MBA program, you need to pursue your degree at the right time.

5. You know what you want to gain from an MBA

Having set goals and a vision of where you want your MBA to take you is the key to success in the program. Though plans may change over time, it is important to enter the program with a focused idea of your career goals and expectations. This may be different for every student. Whether you are looking to change industries, gain more responsibilities in the workplace, or refine your skill set, setting goals before entering the program will ensure your time is used wisely and you make the most of your degree.

For Kris Olszewski, a University of Utah Executive MBA (EMBA) graduate, she knew she wanted to add value to her career and highlight her competitive qualities in a new job market.

“I came to Utah from another state, and in that other state I used to make six figures,” Olszewski said. “When I moved here, I wasn’t making that, and my marketing degree wasn’t as valued within companies. With an MBA, I was able to take that knowledge and translate it into financial terms and be able to express to people what my knowledge base and experience could do for them. I didn’t have that dialogue previously.”

An MBA program, in any format, is what you make of it, and students can take full advantage of the opportunities presented to them if they have a clear idea of what they hope to achieve from the program and how it aligns with their career goals.

There are many factors to consider before deciding to invest in an MBA, and the ideal time may be different for everyone. Having set plans, a set goal, and a clear idea of how to manage other obligations can make you more successful in the application process and in your MBA program.

The University of Utah’s Full-time, Professional, Executive and Online MBA programs are now accepting applications for Fall 2018. Want to determine if the timing is right for you to earn your MBA? Our advisors are ready to help you. Visit us at MBA.Utah.edu to request more information, or contact us at 801-581-5577 or MBA@Utah.edu.

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