5 Signs you are ready for an MBA: Redirecting your career path

Check out this five-part series detailing each of the five signs that you are ready for an MBA with stories from University of Utah David Eccles School of Business MBA students/alumni. Read about the second, third, fourth and fifth signs.

An MBA can be an important investment in your future, as it shows employers that you are dedicated and determined, your skills are refined and you are ready to take on leadership responsibilities. However, there are many factors to keep in mind before deciding to pursue an MBA, such as tuition costs and personal obligations. For many prospective students, it is difficult to know the best time to apply. In order to submit a competitive application and be successful in an MBA program, you need to pursue your degree at the right time.

1. You want to redirect your career path

Pursuing an MBA is a great opportunity, in many instances, to change career paths. Having an MBA under your belt can help add credibility to your resume, prepare you for high-level positions in business, and show employers you are serious about your career. For many jobs in the business world, an MBA can give you an edge over other competitive applicants and help you to achieve your career goals.

“I was a small business owner, and I was going from a blue-collar job to the white-collar world with a bachelor’s degree,” said Brian Barker, a graduate of the University of Utah’s MBA Online program. “I wasn’t getting traction with a bachelor’s degree and the lack of experience I had.”

Through the online MBA program, Barker was able to gain the skills and experiences necessary to make his resume more competitive to employers. It was an investment that helped him improve his resume and acquire skills that would make him successful in the business world.

“An MBA is an investment in your future, and it can have advantages in helping you achieve your career goals,” said Barker. “The master’s degree made a lot of sense to me. It carried weight; people trust me more in leadership positions.”

Obtaining an MBA proved successful for Barker, as he was able land a position as the senior vice president of business development at Zathras Technologies.

Similarly, Roger Mulholland of the MBA Online program was looking to gain skills to give him an edge in a different job market. “I wanted to make a career change from the Army to a civilian career,” said Mulholland. “I had a lot of leadership experience and not a lot of business experience.”

Mulholland was able to successfully transfer his leadership skills and experiences to the business world, as he landed a job as the director of quality at Lifetime Products. He now works again with the military as an operations officer at the Joint Language Training Center, a position he attributes to his MBA degree.

Successful MBA students come from a variety of backgrounds, and their success is derived from their ability to apply past experiences and new-found MBA knowledge to a business setting.

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