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Entrepreneur Your Major. Entrepreneur Your Mindset.

3-Course Program for All Undergrads

Lassonde+X is an introductory academic program for all undergraduate students from all backgrounds and majors (the X) to explore and practice entrepreneurship. It is provided by the David Eccles School of Business and Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at the University of Utah, which have an entrepreneur program ranked among the top 10 in the nation.

Lassonde+X students learn the entrepreneurial mindset to help them become innovators, problem-solvers and change-makers in applying their major in whatever careers they choose. All students benefit from learning entrepreneurial skills including: working on interdisciplinary teams, identifying opportunities, starting a company, developing a product, adding and creating value, marketing and more. Students are inspired to see their major through a lens of creating impact and value. Start by registering for ENTP 1010 (or BCOR 2040 for business majors).

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Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute

Why Lassonde+X?

Students participating in the Lassonde+X program learn how to become an entrepreneur, innovator, problem-solver and change-maker in any academic major. These are skills that will pay off throughout a lifetime by allowing students to get more from their time on campus.

Entrepreneurship is much more than starting a company. It is a way of thinking that enables students to work on interdisciplinary teams, identify opportunities, learn how to add value, and create a company, idea or impact. Students in Lassonde+X gain expertise and skills in all of these areas.

The David Eccles School of Business is ranked among the top 10 schools in the country for entrepreneurship education by the Princeton Review and U.S. News. The ranking recognizes the variety, depth and quality of opportunities for students who want to learn how to launch companies.

Student who complete the Lassonde+X program receive recognition on their academic transcript. They also complete general education (GE) credit while learning an entrepreneurial mindset. General education credit available includes social/behavioral science (ENTP 1010) and applied science (ENTP 1020).

Entrepreneurship is all about adding value. Entrepreneurs add value to a product, a team, an industry or an idea. Students in the Lassonde+X program learn how to master the art of identifying opportunities to add value and then following through with a plan to do it.

Lassonde+X students create a personalized experience to match their career and academic goals. Through the program, they identify a unique plan of impact, execute and then reflect on the journey. Along the way, they get access to a variety of practicum labs and other resources to build the skills they want.

Students in the Lassonde+X program get access to many resources to help them develop their ideas through the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, a nationally recognized division of the David Eccles School of Business. Lassonde resources include milestone grants, scholarships, mentors, makerspace, meetups and more.

Faculty and mentors in the Lassonde+X program come from a wide range of backgrounds and have deep knowledge and experience in all areas related to entrepreneurship. Student in the program get the opportunity to interact with these experts closely to hone their ideas and achieve their goals.

Lassonde+X students learn by applying what they are studying in their majors to an individual project that enables them to demonstrate an entrepreneurial mindset. Whether they are studying English or accounting, Lassonde+X students complete the program with a better understanding of what it takes to succeed in their majors.

Students in the Lassonde+X program join a thriving entrepreneur community at the University of Utah and beyond. Thousands of students are engaged in entrepreneurship on campus, and the program provides a great way to get involved.

Get Started: Register for ENTP 1010 (or BCOR 2040)

The first step to participate in the Lassonde+X program is to sign up for ENTP 1010: Entrepreneurship & Society (or BCOR 2040: Value Impact Business Entrepreneurship for business majors). All University of Utah students are welcome and encouraged to participate. No additional application is required other than admission to the university.

Course Requirements

Students start the Lassonde+X program by registering for ENTP 1010 (or BCOR 2040 for business majors). Then they complete ENTP 1020 and a Portfolio Capstone (ENTP 2050). In total, students complete 7 credits or less to finish the program and receive Lassonde+X recognition on their transcript.

3 Required Classes

  • One of these two:
    • ENTP 1010: Entrepreneurship and Society (3 credits; for non-business majors; fulfills social/behavioral science general education requirement)
    • BCOR 2040: Value Impact Business Entrepreneurship (2 credits; business core class for business majors)
  • ENTP 1020: Entrepreneurship and Startup Methods (3 credits including practicum labs/modules; fulfills an applied science general education requirement)
  • ENTP 2050: Portfolio Capstone (1 credit)

Lab Topics (Subject to Change)

  • Design thinking
  • Team development
  • Data and coding
  • Customer validation
  • E-commerce
  • Launch tools

Entrepreneur is a Verb. Start Doing.

Entrepreneur is a verb at the David Eccles School of Business and Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at the University of Utah. Students learn and grow by doing. Students receive in-depth education, mentorship and abundant resources with the expectation to get involved, launch something, join a team and make a difference. Entrepreneur your education. Entrepreneur your future. Entrepreneur your dreams. Entrepreneur at the Eccles School.

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