Sorenson Impact Center
Henry Alvarez
Operations Manager
Danika Borcik
Allison Boxer
Director, Research & Science
Bryan Brittain
Kathryn Colton
Senior Graphics Designer
Geoff Davis
Administrative Director
Mattia De Luca
Video Production Editor
Janis Dubno
Childhood Senior Policy Analyst
Chris Firmage
Gabe Freeman
Associate, Impact Finance
Kortney Gong
Manager, Administration
Byoung-Gyu Gong
Senior Research Analyst
Austin Heywood
Marketing Manager
Frederique Irwin
Director, DPPI
Maria Lara
Manager, Student Services
Amanda Lee
Manager of Events and Convenings
Gavin Mathis
Marcom Support
Jolyn Metro
Senior Research Assistant
Meredith Muller
Research Assistant
Robert Munson
Director, Public Relations and Communications
Lilly Myers
Allison Nicholson
Program Manager
Ryan Perkins
Senior Associate, Digital Designer
Tiana Rogers
Chad Salvadore
Director, Evidence-Based Consulting
Dustin Shay
Director of Impact Labs
Chak Tan
Director of Data Science
Bonita Teasley
Senior Manager, Research
Luke Tuttle
Research Analyst
Marlena Utai
Office Manager