Earn upper-division Management, Marketing or Entrepreneurship credit while learning about careers and gaining real-world experience in the workplace.

Each semester a few dedicated students will be accepted for this unique opportunity on the basis of their previous academic record at the University of Utah, successful completion of MGT 3680/ENTP 5000/MKTG 3010 (depending on your major), as well as the strength of the learning expected in the newly acquired internship or recent promotion in a current position.

This is a joint program offered by the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Management Departments, along with the Business Career Services of the David Eccles School of Business. The final decision for approval is made by the departments Faculty Advisor. Each application is evaluated individually and applying does not automatically guarantee acceptance.

If you are interested or want more information, please contact Marcella Kirschbaum at Business Career Services.

Minimum Internship Requirements

  • Internship should have direct relevance to your major or chosen career goals
  • Must involve new, university-level experience. Credit is given only for new learning and experiences that take place after officially beginning the internship and cannot be done retroactively (i.e. work you have already done)
  • Must be at least 15 hours per week for 14 weeks
  • Must have professional supervision

You must formally apply with Business Career Services and the Department of Management, Marketing, or Entrepreneurship to be considered for this program. Management faculty reviews each application and admission into the internship program is on a case-by-case basis. Applying does not guarantee acceptance.

Application Instructions

Meet with your employer

Take the Letter to the Employer to a meeting with your employer.  This will provide your employer with an overview of the internship program and their responsibilities.

Obtain a formal job description outlining your key responsibilities. It should be on company letterhead or identified as having been developed by your employer. Your responsibilities should be appropriate to challenge your educational level and give you the opportunity to gain experience relevant to your career goals.

Formulate four learning objectives that you will strive to accomplish during the internship’s 14 weeks. These objectives can be four projects or achievable task-oriented goals that relate your job to your career and your education. These four learning objectives MUST reflect new learning and new responsibility related to your career goals. Examples:

  • I will organize and develop business ethics initiatives (with my supervisors’ approval)
  • I will develop or assist with business ethics assessment efforts
  • I will develop or enhance ethical codes of conducts, mission, vision and values
  • I will assist in business ethics education and training program for the company

Your four learning objectives should be developed with your employer supervisor. They should be clear, challenging, achievable and measurable actions. Non-challenging and measurable objectives will be rejected.  You need to provide effective tools to indicate your progress.

Meet with your career coach

Meet with your career coach prior to the start of your internship.

Be prepared to provide copies of:

  • Your new job description or internship assignment on company letterhead
  • A statement of four learning objectives developed with your supervisor
  • A completed Student Information sheet
  • A signed Internship Student Learning Agreement documenting that you agree to the requirements of the internship program
  • A copy of your current DARS report (with cumulative and major GPA)
  • An updated copy of your resume

Review and be prepared to discuss the internship’s 14 weekly assignments as well as other documentation in the course syllabus at the meeting with your counselor.

  • Sign up in UCareerPath (the Career Services student and job-search database).
  • Visit the homepage for Career Services.
  • Click on “Sign up for Services”, fill out the form and click register.

Note: Signing up in UCareerLink is not the same as being registered for the course credit. After your application is approved by the faculty advisor, you will receive information on registering for the internship course credit.