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Nathan Lloyd

Deputy Director for Economic and Public Policy Research

Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute

Monson Center 


Nate Lloyd serves as Deputy Director of Economic and Public Policy Research at the Gardner Institute. He is an applied economist with a background in data analytics, statistical modeling, and economic research.

Prior to his current role, Lloyd led research and analytics at Western Governors University for the team responsible for developing innovative financial aid solutions for students and forecasting student outcomes such as graduation and income. Additionally, he worked for Zions Bank as a financial analyst in commercial real estate and as a quantitative researcher developing models to stress test capital adequacy and to forecast net revenue. At the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Lloyd contributed to research studies covering topics such as the implied “too-big-to-fail” government subsidy of large banks, money market mutual fund industry reforms, and unconventional monetary policy’s effects on bank lending.

As a student at Utah State University, Lloyd developed a passion for public service and well-informed public policy as an intern for the late Senator Bob Bennett. He holds a dual B.S./B.A. degree in Economics and Political Science and an M.S. degree in Economics from Utah State University.

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