If you love history but have your sights set on the future, the Global Entrepreneurship Program in Nice is for you.

Hangout areas range from the charming old town to the modern coastline, making it a great location for all. Considering how accessible Nice is to other places such as Cannes, Eze, Paris, and more, it’s a shame not to visit the area. Student McKay Crowley agrees.

“I think my favorite thing is living on the coast. We’ve been able to go up and down the coast from Nice and it’s been amazing,” Crowley said. “There are so many cool places to visit within 30 minutes by train.”

The culture in Nice is one of the best aspects of living there. For those concerned about traveling alone or in general, Nice is one of the safest areas I’ve visited as a female traveling alone. The stereotype of unfriendly French people does not exist there; most of the tourists in Nice are from other areas in France, so they get excited to see an American. When walking along the coastal area, it’s difficult to find anyone sitting and staring at their phones; the majority of Nice consists of people appreciative of where they are.

The facilities and classroom itself blew my expectations out of the water. For those familiar with the University of Utah campus, the housing area and classroom reminded me of Lassonde Studios: super sleek, modern, and engaging. The staff at the Université Côte d’Azur are anxious to help all students and provide easy accessibility to their resources. In the lower floors of the dorm area are a laundry room, theater, and dance room, all less than five years old. The dorms are at most a five-minute walk from the classroom as well as the supermarket. The tram that runs all around the city is the cheapest mode of travel, and it is decently clean compared to other public transportation in Europe.

For earning 15 credits in an entire summer with break trips to Rome and Israel, this program is difficult to turn down. As well as gaining valuable academic knowledge, the relationships and networking opportunities developed within this program is invaluable. Meeting other students from across the world and from the Entrepreneurship major at the University of Utah provides a global perspective as well as connections that serve well in the future.

If you are looking to get a leg up in your entrepreneurial career, this program is for you.

Rachel Kleinman is an undergraduate student at the David Eccles School of Business and an intern for Eccles Global.