Paris has so much to offer to students. With its rich history and culture, it’s difficult to get bored.

No matter the weather, Paris remains charming. Rainy days in the city are a personal favorite of mine; there’s something nostalgic about wandering around Europe under an umbrella or resting in coffee shops. Aside from the apparent romantic aspect of Parisian culture, there’s also the lively side. Metros and non-commercial cafes are full of eccentric people.

When winding down the quaint streets to the Paris CEA study center, it is easy to immerse yourself into this culture when running into the locals. Student Ayush Suresh agrees.

“I think the places I can study in and enjoy such as cafes, parks, and streets, along with the people and the vibe of the city are my favorite aspects of living in Paris,” Suresh said.

The Paris CEA staff is accommodating, and the facility itself is in a charming part of town. Students usually walk or metro to class, which allows them to appreciate the city every morning. I was impressed by how secure the CEA center was with passcodes at the door to make sure only students and staff use the facility. There are a handful of resources offered at CEA, including food, travel, and academic tips. One of the top resources is the student pass that allows access to various museums and landmarks for free or with a discount.

Paris is accessible to endless travel opportunities. Flights are often cheaper from Paris than other nearby countries. Weekend trips are made easy by train and are an efficient way to admire the countryside and other neighboring countries. While I personally recommend leaving at least one weekend of your study abroad to enjoy Paris, trips on most weekends are worth the time and money. For those who want a cost-effective learning abroad experience, Paris is the location for you. By grocery shopping, using the metro, and seeking out cheap weekend travel options, Paris can be the trip of a lifetime without breaking the bank.

Rachel Kleinman is an undergraduate student at the David Eccles School of Business and an intern for Eccles Global.