Diving into Divvy: The Hey U podcast highlights a rapidly growing fintech

Did you know that Divvy saw 120% customer growth and more than 100% growth in platform spend last year? In the newest episode of “Hey U,” Eccles students Whitney Hessler and Christian Carabajal, and MaryAnne Hafen, Business Career Ambassador Program Manager, sit down with Woody Klemetson, VP of Sales for Divvy, a Utah-based company whose aim is to eliminate the expense report. Klemetson shares his insights on sales and the people involved, as well as outlining what the company Divvy is all about.

Klemetson got started with sales at just eight years old. His youthful passion and extensive experience in the field have taught him the key to great sales: assisting clients and companies to be confident about the decisions they make and steering them on the right path to achieving their goals. Clients’ needs are the top priority, as sales involve a transfer of knowledge and emotions to help them succeed.

While many people view sales in a negative light and see it as a manipulative scheme, not so in Klemetson’s view. That’s why he’s made it his mission to defend salespeople. He wants others to understand that sales, and specifically the salespeople, truly have the best interest of their clients in mind, as they work with them to solve problems and help them out in ways that build the company. Everything done by a true salesperson is for the betterment of their client, as they guide them through finding solutions to difficult challenges.

A problem Divvy tackles is cutting the cost of expense reports. Depending on business size, businesses may unnecessarily lose tens of thousands of dollars each year. Divvy erases this cost completely, providing businesses with a free expense management software that better allows for the analysis and handling of employee-initiated expenses and spending through the use of their business credit cards. Divvy profits only through the transaction fees on purchases.

Divvy has had incredible growth as a company, which Klemetson explains comes with consequences. There is a lot of stress involved with maintaining and even beating the growth of the previous month. He says it is high-stress, but high-reward.

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Be sure to check out the full episode at Eccles.link/HeyU.

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Athena Brown

About the Author

Athena Brown is a sophomore at the David Eccles School of Business currently majoring in Business Administration and is also a member of the Honors College. She is a Business Career Services Ambassador serving on the Marketing and Design team.

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