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The Hey U podcast features interviews with employers and leaders to get the inside scoop on all things business — everything from landing a job to navigating your career path. Learn how to turn mistakes into successes, negotiate your first salary, and much more! New podcasts are released each month — so sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and tune in for quick, helpful tips from the experts (and us, too). This is Hey U!


In part II of our Operations and Supply Chain (OSC) series, we hear from Scott Larson and Brian Nichols. They share over 20 years of individual experience with Maverick, a growing convenience store brand in the U.S. These experts share insights on roles within operations management, the major challenges OSC professionals face today, and how forced innovation has transformed how Maverick functions.

The HeyU team sits down with Professor John Dallimore to kick off our Operations & Supply Chain (OSC) series. He walks us through his eclectic career journey, which includes teaching at the University of Utah as an OSC Professor and building rockets at Northrup Grumman. Hear about the versatility of an OSC degree and where the industry is headed.

In part two of our Negotiation Series, we get to hear how alumni Leilani Vigil put the skills we talked about in part one to practice to negotiate her worth. Her story is filled with tips that can help you reach success the next time you find yourself negotiating.

In part one of our Negotiation Series, we sit down with Katie Abby and Sue Finch to talk about the essential skills and steps to an effective negotiation. We also discuss the benefits of The Negotiation Club at the David Eccles School of Business and give you tips to maximize your earning potential.

In part one of our series on QAMO, we interview Scott Schaefer, the co-founder of the Quantitative Analysis of Markets and Organizations (QAMO) program at the University of Utah. Scott chats about the academic objectives of this budding major and how a background in business economics provides a foundational toolkit for any job.

We’re joined by two young professionals from equity compensation company Equity Methods. Kevin Bergauer and Bryce Bergman discuss the success they enjoy with the company at an early stage in their careers. They can still remember vividly what it’s like to be seeking as a college senior and suggest approaches to set yourself up for career success while still in school.

DPS Skis (a ski manufacturer) and Snowbird (a ski resort) both have deep roots in the ski culture of the Wasatch Mountains. Dan Pizza, Director of Marketing and Creative at DPS Skis, and Tess Hobbs, Director of Marketing at Snowbird, chat with us about their innovative projects, marketing strategies, connection to place, and how branding can shift the conversation to experiences over things.

The HeyU team sits down with Woody Klemetson, VP of Sales for Divvy. He talks about the downsides of “free,” the upsides of Divvy, and why he’s made it his mission to defend the salespeople.

The HeyU team sits down with Lizette Medina, University of Utah alumna and former Human Resources Generalist at C.R. England, to discuss how H.R. is becoming a more people-oriented career. She talks about solving problems through open communication, applying the same standards to each employee, and other principles that anyone can apply to their career – whether or not that career is in H.R

Like it or not, we all need sales skills to succeed–whether in your career or other aspects of your everyday life. Paycom, an HR tools company ranked #5 on Fortune 100’s fastest-growing companies in 2018, offers a great internship experience that can help college students gain the sales skills you need. The Hey U podcast team chats with Ryan Smith, Senior Collegiate Talent Acquisition Advisor at Paycom. Ryan shares his thoughts on how you can grow your sales skills, taking chances and putting yourself out there, and more.

The Hey U Podcast team sits down with two representatives from Northwestern Mutual: Todd Grabner, Managing Partner at the firm, and Jared Shumway, Director of Internship Development. Todd and Jared share some valuable practical advice, speaking about topics like financial planning, development of skills, and overall insight for students looking to get a head start on planning their future.

From its very beginning, the outdoor gear company Cotopaxi has been committed to making an impact. The benefit corporation and certified B Corp designates 1% of its profits to grants awarded by its non-profit foundation. We were able to get a look at how the brand’s “Do good” mission informs their storytelling, guerilla marketing, and hiring in our interview with Cotopaxi’s Director of Brand and Impact, Annie Agle.

No matter what field you are going into, everybody has the need to understand real-time data to make better business decisions. This episode features an interview with Dani Weinstein, Head of Global Community and University Outreach for DOMO.

Employers are looking to hire Domo-certified interns. This certification process, generally valued at hundreds of dollars, is now being offered to all University of Utah students for free! By getting Domo-certified, you will not only prepare yourself for this data-driven world, you will open yourself to many career opportunities in the future. Visit to start your certification today!

Now is a time of great uncertainty for everyone, but there are still opportunities available for those seeking to move forward in their careers, including virtual internships, continuing education, and more! MaryAnne Hafen, Recruiting Coordinator on the Business Career Services team, shares her research on hiring trends during the COVID-19 health crisis. Learn about which industries are hiring and what you can do to land a job while social distancing.

Durable, long-lasting shoes are just the beginning. In this episode, we share what Keen Footwear Senior Recruiter, Andrew Eastman, taught us about the many efforts the company has made to be a responsible and environmentally sustainable business.

Today we talk with Lukas Krause – an author, CEO, and former New York Mets baseball player – about knowing your own worth in the workplace. He gives advice on being more productive, negotiating your way into a better salary, and getting 1% better every day. You can watch Lukas Krause’s negotiation workshop on YouTube. His book, The Business of You, is available on Amazon.

Do you have a fear of failure that prevents you from trying new things? It turns out that even people at tech giants like Microsoft sometimes fear making mistakes. Listen to Mat McBride, General Manager of Finance for Microsoft, as he gives the inside scoop of how the Microsoft team learns to embrace failure and ultimately find success.

Business students from the University of Utah talk business! We are sitting down with your favorite employers and leaders to get the inside scoop on all things business—everything from landing a job to navigating your career path. Learn how to turn mistakes into successes, negotiate your first salary, and much more! We will put out new podcasts every month—so sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and tune in for quick, helpful tips from the experts (and us, too). This is Hey U!