David Eccles Week honors the school value of legacy

David Eccles Week is here!

The David Eccles School of Business is honoring our namesake by highlighting the four values Utah’s First Entrepreneur brings to our school.

The first value the Eccles School honors is Legacy.

David Eccles’ legacy has lasted for generations. His vision, determination and business acumen inspired future business leaders in Utah and beyond. David Eccles started his business empire by overcoming hardships and finding innovative ways to meet the needs of the marketplace.

He started small, but by the end of his life in 1912, he had founded more than 54 businesses ranging from logging to food processing to banking and many industries in between. He played an active role in his businesses, ensuring the quality of the products they made and the services they rendered.

The pioneering spirit of David Eccles is an integral part of the David Eccles School of Business. Our students embrace the lessons his life teaches us — to persevere and thrive in the business world. The Eccles School builds on David Eccles’ legacy annually as graduates embark on personal journeys in many states and countries, touching the lives of millions.

To help students explore David Eccles’ legacy at our school, participate in this scavenger hunt to be eligible to win great Eccles School prizes!

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