Congratulations to the winners of the Game Day Analytics Challenge!

More than 100 graduate and undergraduate students from the University of Utah, Brigham Young University, Howard University, and Salt Lake Community College competed in this year’s Game Day Analytics Challenge.

With thousands of dollars in prize money and guaranteed internship interviews on the line, the competition was intense. Since 2016, Chong Oh, an Associate Professor (Lecturer) from the Operations & Information Systems (OIS) Department of the Eccles School, created the Game Day Analytics Challenge to conduct an in-depth analysis of Twitter tweets on Super Bowl ads, extracting valuable metrics related to performance, influence, and diffusion.

The Game Day Analytics challenge required student teams to present infographics and white papers based on data extracted from tweets during the 2020 Super Bowl commercials. Students applied business analytics skills and gained practical knowledge including data collection, data processing and cleaning, data analysis, and data visualization. Technology learned included PHP, MySQL, Python, Twitter API, and Domo.

Congratulations to the 2021 winners!

Undergraduate Winners:

1st Place – Team 2 (BYU)

  • Parker Mecham
  • Carter Beck
  • Scott Young
  • Benjamin Sierra

2nd Place – Team 12 (Howard)

  • Kenny Epee Ngando
  • Tatyana Coleman
  • Durrell Forbes
  • Elijah Pierre

3rd Place – Team 14 (University of Utah)

  • Mitch Baldwin
  • Nicholas Nussenveig
  • Elias Falk
  • Adam Vanek

Graduate Winners:

1st Place (tie) – Team 13 (University of Utah)

  • Stefanie Scherp
  • Hennah Saber
  • Kylan Bringhurst
  • Nick Hilton

1st Place (tie) – Team 17 (University of Utah)

  • Anna Sun
  • Chase Wilson
  • Grant Griffith

2nd Place – Team 5 (University of Utah)

  • Naga Samyukta Bheemunipati
  • Manali Harinkhere
  • Bhavana Chereddy
  • Pramila Viswanathan
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