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A 30-second commercial spot during the 2019 Super Bowl costs brands a whopping $5.1 million. Naturally, brands seek to monitor the performance of their ads. Traditional mechanisms such as the USA Today AD METER ratings were and still are the acceptable measuring yardstick. But with the advent of social media, channels such as Facebook and Twitter are able to provide digital footprints that enable additional in-depth understanding of consumer feedback in reaction to those ads.

Since 2016, Dr. Chong Oh, an Associate Professor (Lecturer) from the Operations & Information Systems (OIS) Department of the David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah, created the Game Day Analytics Challenge to conduct an in-depth analysis of Twitter tweets on Super Bowl ads in extracting valuable metrics related to performance, influence, and diffusion.

In this competition, students apply business analytics skill and gain practical knowledge including data collection, data processing and cleaning, data analysis, and data visualization. Technology learned includes PHP, MySQL, Python, MongoDB, Twitter API, and Domo. These in-demand skills prepare our students for success in the job market. Teams present the best infographics and white paper in relation to extracted insights from the Super Bowl ads.

Sample Winner Submissions:

  • Students must be enrolled at the Eccles School during Spring 2021. Students from any undergraduate or graduate program are invited to participate.
  • Teams must include 3-4 students.
  • Two team categories: Undergraduate and Graduate.
  • Must have at least one team member from the Information Systems undergraduate major, MSIS or MSBA programs, or QAMO IS Emphasis, or IS Minor.

All teams must prepare and submit the following items for judging:

  • Infographic (template will be provided)
  • White paper detailing findings
  • Outline of framework used for processing and extracting insights from the tweet data
  • Poster presentation for first round judging
  • 10-minute presentation

The judges will score each team based on:

  • Value of findings – Are the results relevant and helpful to advertisers? Does this information help inform if the marketing spend was successful?
  • Complexity of findings – Judges are looking for relationships between variables and in-depth analytic conclusions.
  • Quality of materials – Team deliverables should be professional-quality, well written/designed, and easy to understand.
  • Professional presentation – Judges are looking for students to deliver a business-quality poster presentation, including visual or other aides. Finalists also are expected to deliver an oral presentation in the final round.
  • Jan. 28: Information Session | 5 – 6 p.m.
  • Feb. 4: Competition Kick-Off at 5 – 6 p.m.
    • At least one team member of each team is required to attend the kick-off meeting.
    • Hear from sponsors, ask any final questions, network with other teams.
  • Feb. 7: Super Bowl game and data collection (on your own).
  • Feb. 12: Presentations and Awards Ceremony | 4 – 5 p.m
    • Showcase & Awards

Does one student have to be an IS major?
For the undergrad and grad categories, one team member must be either an undergraduate IS, MSIS, or MSBA student.

What if a team member quits?
You can get a replacement team member or choose to continue in the competition without that person, but each team still needs to have 3-4 members.

What if the whole team quits?
That team will then forfeit the competition and no longer continue.

Can the team seek outside help?

Can the team use other technologies?

Can the team use other data sources?

Do we get help?
Yes, training videos and help desk support (limited-time) will be provided during the week of the competition.

Do we start from scratch?
No, teams will receive code and documents from last year’s Super Bowl analytics project (i.e. python, MongoDB dataset, infographics, and white paper).