Three tips for adjusting to college life

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  • Adjusting to College Life

Three tips for adjusting to college life

Were you involved in high school activities and hope to stay just as involved at the University of Utah? Are you concerned about carving out time to focus on yourself or managing your finances for the first time? Here are a few tips below to help you adjust to your new college environment.

1) Get Involved!

The University of Utah and the Eccles School offer a wide range of clubs and organizations that can assist you in learning more about yourself while getting exposure to different aspects of life after college. Getting involved will allow you to expand your network, find friends, and have new hobbies!

Join us for Party on the Plaza on Wednesday, Aug.31, 2022, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. on the Emma Eccles Jones Plaza between SFEBB and CRCC. This annual Eccles-wide tabling fair allows students to connect with Eccles student organizations, programs, and services!

2) Practice Self Care

Putting yourself first is essential to your success and matriculation throughout your college experience and beyond! Having a routine catered to you will enhance all aspects of your life. Practicing self-care may look different for everyone, so be sure to practice what works best for you! In addition, all University of Utah students have access to the Center for Student Wellness and the University Counseling Center on campus.

3) Budget your money wisely

As you explore your newfound independence, it is important to budget your money wisely. In addition to tuition and housing, remember items such as textbooks, programs, and miscellaneous expenses (midnight snack, anyone?). Budgeting your money will allow you to save and spend without stress! The Financial Wellness Center (FWC) on campus is a great resource and even offers confidential, one-hour consultations to address financial concerns.

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Kamryn Monroe

Kamryn Monroe is a Marketing + Communications intern for the David Eccles School of Business. She is a sophomore and marketing major attending Howard University from Windsor, Connecticut. After college, she hopes to work in an innovative, diverse space where strategy and creativity collide.