Kathryn Hunter

Academic Advisor

Undergraduate Advising Services


Kathryn is a California native from Bakersfield. She received her B.S. in Business Administration from San Jose State (2018) and her M.S. in Educational Counseling from California State University, Bakersfield (2021).

Having amazing advisors in undergrad had a major impact on Kathryn and her life has come full circle where she hopes to be an advocate for business students the way her advisors were for her. As a graduate student, Kathryn worked as a Learning Specialist for the CSUB Men’s Basketball Team. Through her work, she developed a passion for addressing student needs and helping students navigate college life. She is dedicated to helping students discover and achieve their goals.

In her free time, Kathryn enjoys watching suspenseful tv shows as well as reality tv shows. She also enjoys listening to podcasts, attending group fitness classes and sporting events, and playing card games with friends.