Derek Hoff

Associate Professor (Lecturer)

Department of Management

Career Line, Faculty

Derek Hoff is Associate Professor, Lecturer, in the Department of Management at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. After receiving his MA and Ph.D. in History from the Universities of Oregon and Virginia, respectively, he was an assistant and then associate professor in the history department at Kansas State University. He is the author of The State and the Stork: The Population Debate and Policy Making in US History, a history of how economists and policymakers have thought about America’s remarkable population growth which won the 2013 award for the best first book by the American Historical Association, Pacific Coast Branch. With John Fliter, he is also the author of Fighting Foreclosure: The Blaisdell Case, the Contract Clause, and the Great Depression, a study of a famous Supreme Court case in the 1930s that upheld Minnesota’s efforts to combat the Depression by enacting a moratorium on mortgage payments. He is currently working on a book about the history of Rheingold, a Jewish-owned beer that once dominated the New York City market.

When he is not reading about the history of an obscure economic policy, or teaching the History of Global Capitalism for Global Eccles in Amsterdam, you can find him hiking, golfing, or in the middle of the pack in a local Utah Nordic Alliance cross-country ski race