Danny Wall

Director, Associate Professor (Lecture)

Department of Finance, Ivory-Boyer Real Estate Center, Master of Real Estate Development, Master of Science in Finance

Career Line, Faculty, Staff

Danny comes to the University of Utah after about a decade in the real estate field, where he did appraisals, consulting, commercial lending, and commercial brokerage. He has spent the past seven years working full-time as an appraiser and consultant after jobs working in brokerage in Boise, lending in Denver, and as a product developer for Deckers Outdoor Corporation in California.

Wall’s primary focus has been forensic appraisal and consulting, and he’s applied that focus to a wide range of markets and property types, including large industrial and manufacturing operations, large land-development projects, special-use facilities, commercial and residential properties, and recreational and resort properties. He’s been tapped for expert analysis in tax disputes, damage claims, bankruptcy cases and estate-planning, among other areas, and has served clients ranging from individuals to financial institutions, corporations to government at the city, county and state levels.