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Austin Hendrickson

Associate Director, Student Services

Student Engagement and Assessment


In his role as Associate Director of Student Engagement & Assessment within Eccles School Undergraduate Student Affairs, Austin oversees functions including student leadership & involvement, new student orientation, academic success, student resources, and student inclusion programming. To this end, he manages the Business Tutoring Center and BLinc (undergraduate student government) at the David Eccles School of Business.

Austin is an Eccles alumnus and worked with Student Engagement & Assessment, Business Scholars, and Business Career Services during his time as a student. In addition, he was a student organization leader of Out for Business, which he co-founded alongside a number of his queer Eccles student peers. After graduating with his Bachelor’s in Management, he went on to obtain his Master’s of Education in Higher Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education, while also working at Sorenson Impact Center as a Senior Associate. At Sorenson Impact, he worked on the MAPS Project to envision a student-equity-centric future for the American postsecondary sector, where he conducted research and writing that he works to apply in his current role working with students each d