Florence has the ability to find a place on everyone’s favorite list. The Italian culture allows a jam-packed trip to simultaneously feel luxurious with long dinners and feel relaxing with occasional beach days on the coast. The Italian people are passionate about their country, making a student’s experience one to remember.

The class currently offered in Florence, Business 1051, could not be in a more optimal location; Italy is where banking began as well as many principles that modern-day business relies on. The professor, Jeff Nielson, is passionate and does a fantastic job of incorporating cultural elements of Italy into class lectures. The art is phenomenal, and anyone who wants to gain an appreciation for it should look no further. The activities offered by the Florence CEA staff include pasta making, seeing Michaelangelo’s The David, paper-making, and more.

Whether or not you already like Italian food, Florence will completely change your perspective. Sure, Italian food is good in the states, but the food in Italy is incredibly fresh. Meats, gelato, panino, pizza, pasta, coffee, tiramisu — Florence has it all, and it’s the best in the world. One of the students’ favorite places to grab lunch is the central market about five minutes away from the Duomo. There are options ranging from sushi to fresh pasta and plenty of desserts. Italy also provides free public fountains around the city for you to refill water bottles. There is even a fountain with free sparkling water at Palazzo Vecchio.

For those who love a warm climate, Florence is for you. For those who need to relax, the Italian culture can aid you. Italy has so much to offer for students of all backgrounds. Florence is a safe city and the CEA staff is highly responsive for any issue that may come up. The apartments are a great way to experience the Italian culture first-hand and meet locals. The Florence program is a fantastic study abroad with opportunities to make memories that last a lifetime.

Rachel Kleinman is an undergraduate student at the David Eccles School of Business and an intern for Eccles Global.