Picture this: Networking 101. You walk into a room filled with 50 people, of which you know maybe two or three. Of course you approach them first, start talking and catching up. Before you know it, the time has slipped away and you are hurrying to get to know a new person before the event comes to a close. Everyone will agree networking is essential to your career success, but can you get it all done at one event on one night? Probably not.

Now think about the power of internet. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn expose you to a wider circle of influence. You now have a stream of information you’re distributing and consuming on a regular basis. Instead of talking to an acquaintance at the networking event, you’re potentially talking to hundreds as your network comments on and share your newsfeed posts. Suddenly a quiet conversation becomes one that can help you find your next professional opportunity. During the past five years, the way we conduct business and pitch ourselves to new companies has become increasingly digital.

Before you’re offered an interview or a new position, many HR departments are searching the internet to find out what they can about you besides what you put on the resume. Have your Googled yourself lately? Doing a search on LinkedIn and Facebook might surprise you to see how much of your life is in public view. Remember the days you could be Superman and change from work to home life with a slip into the phone booth? Those days are gone. Now the mantra is stay authentic.

Transparency is the key to navigating the social media world. What would Grandma think? Before you post the next political rant or pictures from last night’s party, stop to think about who has access to see your information. What you say