Editor’s Note: This is an installment in the series called Young Alumni. The series spotlights recently graduated alumni who are starting careers and succeeding in the business world.

David Decker is the Director of Operations for Extra Storage Space. He graduated in Finance in 2003 and obtained his MBA in 2005.Young Alumni David Decker

Eccles School: How did you end up choosing a business degree?

Decker: Out of high school I planned on material science engineering. Within a few years I realized as much as I enjoyed the science, I really enjoyed working with data and seeing how it measured the change affects end results. I found myself excited to be chasing down a business degree.

Eccles School: Who/ what inspires you?

Decker: I grew up in pretty humble circumstances, and although I hardly knew any different and loved my childhood, I knew that my parents worried about where the next meal was coming from and pinched every penny. I don’t have any goals to be rich or famous, bu