Why voting is important as a student

As election season approaches quickly, it is important for all of us to make our voice heard. As a student who wants change, it is important for other people my age to realize the importance of voting as well. We as young adults account for 50 percent of the voting population, yet only 19 percent of 18-25 year olds voted in the 2016 Presidential elections. We can do better!  Every vote counts, whether you think so or not.

Today, we are more diverse than ever as young adults. We have the ability to challenge and question each party on what their agenda is. When it comes down to voting, we want someone who will represent the needs of us in their agenda. We as Millennials and Gen Z are helping shape the social agenda for many of the political candidates and bringing change to their agendas. Since we have such a big voting population pool, we can help sway the election by supporting candidates who see issues the same way we do.

I not only think that voting is a right that we are given, but I also believe it is a responsibility. We are setting the example and vision for the future with the people we are electing. We better shape the future of our democracy for our kids and generations to follow by voting. Many of the initiatives that you are voting on effect not just us, but our environment. One of the key political topics in this generation are environmental issues. From someone who has lived in Utah most of my life, we are directly affected with some of the environmental changes that elected officials oversee.

We’re all in this together, and if only a few of us are voting, nothing will change.  Nothing changes if nothing changes. We all have one vote no matter what background, ethnicity or political party you belong to. Make it count.

It’s never been easier to educate yourself as a voter with the power of the news at our fingertips. Learning more is easy, you can click here to learn more about the  issues you will be voting on this election.

Make sure to mail in your ballot if you haven’t already sent it. If you don’t have your ballot, then we’ll see you at the polls on Nov. 5 for early voting and Nov. 6 for Election Day!

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