Christian Traeden, one of the MRED Around the World travelers, writes about the final preparations before the class leaves for Seoul, South Korea: 

This week was our last meeting in preparation for the Real Estate Around the World Class. We discussed the final itineraries for each of the countries we will be visiting, communication between group members while in each country–we settled on “What’s App” as a means of staying in touch along the way–and many other last-minute details.

We also talked about disease prevention like malaria and dengue fever, and which immunizations we needed. All of us are very excited to meet up in Seoul, Korea, on May 3. While this is a class structure that has never been done before, covering so many countries in such a short period of time, I think we have the right group of individuals to pull this amazing adventure off.

We all want to recognize all the hard work and effort put forth by both Erin Kennelly and Jim Hill to put this unprecedented trip around the world together. See you in Seoul!

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