According to state and county population estimates by age, sex, race and Hispanic origin released by the U.S. Census Bureau, five states or equivalent were majority-minority in 2013: Hawaii (77.0%), the District of Columbia (64.2%), California (61.0%), New Mexico (60.6%), and Texas (56.0%). Majority-minority is defined as more than half the population being of a group other than single-race, non-Hispanic white. Nevada, Maryland, and Georgia are all more than 45% minority. Maine was the least diverse state, with only 6.0% minority. Utah was 20.3% minority, ranking 34th and below the national rate of 37.4%.

San Juan County continues to be the only majority-minority county in Utah. In 2013, 53.1% of the population was minority, mostly American Indian. Salt Lake County had the next largest share of minorities, with 26.8%, followed by Weber (22.6%), Uintah (17.9%), and Carbon (16.6%) counties. The counties with the smallest minority shares were Morgan (4.7%), Rich (6.0%), Daggett (7.0%), Juab (7.2%), and Sevier (7.7%) counties.