Utah is becoming the next Silicon Valley

Maybe some history will help.

Since the late 1970s, the most common occupation has been truck driver, a testament to the success of companies such as C.R. England. There are a few years when secretary took the number one spot.

But in 2010, a new profession jumped to the top of the list – software developer.

This cool map created by NPR shows how jobs have changed over the past 35 or so years. And it’s just one more indicator that Utah is becoming another technology hub akin to Silicon Valley.

And no wonder, with companies such as Adobe, Fusion-io, IM Flash Technologies and Qualtrics taking root in the state. Salt Lake City, Provo and Ogden all were listed in a recent Brookings Institution report as being in the top 15 metropolitan areas that show high innovation.

Companies like these mean great career opportunities not only for software developers, but also for a slew of candidates with business backgrounds, ranging from Information Systems to Business Administration to Marketing, and whole lot of others in between.

The Eccles School has a strong history of preparing students for careers in the tech sector.

How does Utah having a tech-heavy career environment shape what you want to do with your business degree?

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