This week, a group of Chinese college students from Shanghai Normal University dropped by the David Eccles School of Business to check out the Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building, meet with some of the school’s faculty, and explore the U campus as a potential place they might like to continue their education as either a graduate student or exchange student.

Their Salt Lake City stop comes on the heels of visits to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, as well as the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. Disappointed by the lack of snow, they made sure to head up Emigration Canyon to get some pictures playing in the fluffy stuff before heading home to China.

As part of their experience in Utah, the group–led by a U alumni now teaching at Shanghai Normal University, Poem Chen–joined a couple of business school staffers for a tour of Clearlink, a local technology company that has welcomed students from the business school in the past.

It’s no exaggeration to suggest the students from China have probably never seen a company culture back home quite like what they found at Clearlink.

Chuck Melick, Clearlink’s VP of Employee Development, talked to the students about the importance of a company’s culture, and was able to leap over any language barriers with questions and examples for the students that got them giggling at themselves, and their friends.

“Culture is the way we want to express ourselves as a company,” M