Top takeaways from Day 1 of the 2018 Winter Innovation Summit

We had a day full of inspiration and innovation at the Winter Innovation Summit, hosted by Sorenson Impact Center. The event brings together the brightest minds in innovation and impact investing to brainstorm new ways to improve social good.

Every session at the Winter Innovation Summit was packed with information and new ways of thinking, but here are a few of our favorite moments that will linger long after the conference ends:

  • Jim Sorenson believes optimism reigns, even among what seems to be a chaotic global arena — our ability to innovate and solve problems has already paid great dividends.
  • Sir Ronald Cohen believes that in 30 years, EVERY business decision made will optimize risk, return and IMPACT.
  • Philanthropic Big Bets: Sometimes big bets start small. Don’t be afraid to make a small bet as a pilot project before going in big.

  • Catalyzing Private Impact Capital: Investment creates stability, whether at a family level, a national level or a global level. That is a large part of why international investment is a national security concern. We need to promote and practice economic diplomacy.
  • Impact Investing in Natural Disasters: Investment could make a huge impact by working to prevent natural disasters. We need to work to connect those with great ideas with the investors who have the capital to fund these projects.
  • The New Localism: “Power belongs to the problem solvers” — like all of us!
  • Repurpose for Results: We need to create a culture and safe space in government systems wherein we can recognize underperforming programs and agencies and then work to find solutions to improve them.


  • Pay for Success: Funding what works is too often about trying to roll out the exact same program across different places, as opposed to using historical evidence to adapt local solutions — simply replicating a proven model does not ensure replicated results.
  • Results for Families: Pairing the Two Gen and Outcomes movements and looking at the family as a whole will help us create better outcomes for families — both now and in the future
  • Battling the Opioid Crisis: We need to bring the conversation about addiction out of the shadows and make it something we talk about often. It can happen to anyone, and no population is immune.
  • WTC Utah pitch competition: Eight companies pitched to win cash prizes of $15,000, $10,000, and $5,000 to fund international growth. InWhatLanguage took 1st place, The Blueberry Hill took 2nd place, and Owlet Baby Care took 3rd place. Congratulations!


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