The world is full of people. This is obvious.

What may not be as obvious is the amount of personal expertise each person carries around with them. This expertise may be in your field of work, a similar profession, or in a completely different world, but expertise is universally valuable.

An essential function of being successful in business is networking. It is the key to meeting a world full of people who are carrying around all that valuable expertise. The more people a successful businessperson meets, the better the chance that person has at improving (and expanding) their own business.

Networking, as it is taught at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business, not only helps us to expand our field of contacts, but also helps us find common ground with others seeking to expand their field of contacts. It increases chances for new business opportunities and, at the very least, increases the exposure of you and your business.

While networking is often touted as an important way to draw in new business, it is also a great way to speak to potential employers (and employees). You could even be recommended somewhere by a person you’ve already met while networking.

Any entrepreneur knows that networking is the lifeblood of the business world, and anyone who has spent time hunting for job openings, or potential clients, knows its value as well. Networking can bemade more effective by such simple steps as making and utilizing professional business cards, keeping in regular contact with people met during the networking process, making sure to thank the people you meet, and offering your own help in

As alumni, you have a valuable opportunity to improve your chances for a successful career with consistent and targeted networking.  An excellent way to network is by getting involved with the University of Utah Business Alumni Association and other similar groups to keep you interacting with professionals such as yourself.

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