In response to requests from a number of our graduates asking for more women-focused networking activities, the Women’s Alumni Club was launched this January.  About 40 graduates attended our kick-off event in downtown Salt Lake City, reconnected with former classmates and forged new relationships.

Associate Dean Christine Botosan spoke about the School’s goal of becoming a top 25 business school, and the need for alumni support in this aggressive endeavor.  She said that in addition to our national and international alumni clubs, we are launching affinity clubs like our accounting, real estate, and now women’s alumni groups.

On average, there are less women enrolled in business college than men. Professor Botosan asked the group to help mentor our female students, help guide them in pursuit of their careers, and balance the various demands of life.  “Our students need and appreciate your support,” Botosan said.

Plans are underway for quarterly Women’s Alumni Club events, including a roundtable discussion group, and student and alumni networking events.

To receive more information about this alumni club, or provide feedback, please contact Lindsay Nelson at 801-581-5292 or lnelson@business.utah.