The Google Van is stopping by the Eccles School!

Come check out the latest gadgets and tools from the tech giant and play with some of the company’s newest toys on April 12 and 13.

The van will be parked in the Emma Eccles Jones Plaza, located between the SFEBB and the CRCC. Van visits will last between 15 and 90 minutes, depending on how volunteers interact with the van and its offerings.

The van visit, sponsored by the Eccles School Corporate Outreach and the Business Career Services teams, is part of a six-week road trip Google is taking to learn more about how people use their products.

“We are trying to understand the whole end-to-end experience, which is why we are trying to get out to more locations and see more people so we can gather more context,” Laura Granka, a lead Google researcher focusing on Internet search and maps, told the Associated Press.

The tour will take the van to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California. Eccles School students will have the unique opportunity to interact with Google’s digital offerings.

“Getting to bring something like this to our students shows the strong relationships we have with great companies like Google,” said Katie Hoffman Abby, assistant dean of corporate outreach. “We love to connect students with the world’s best companies, and we have a strong history of doing so.”

Students interested in internship and career opportunities with a wide variety of companies, including Google, should stop by Business Career Services to learn more.

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