The Eccles School celebrates the 67th Annual Scholarship Luncheon

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  • Annual Scholarship Luncheon 2018

The Eccles School celebrates the 67th Annual Scholarship Luncheon

The David Eccles School of Business celebrated the 67th Annual Scholarship Luncheon, an event honoring the relationship of donors and the students benefiting from the scholarships created because of those donors. This year’s celebration, held on Nov. 2, broke a record, with more than 1,250 students and donors in attendance, a marker of just how large the Eccles School has grown.

Through the generous support of donors, the Eccles School has been able to provide scholarships to many of its students and improved the quality of education at the school, encouraging even more growth. Dean Taylor Randall commented on the immense success we have experience and announced our largest donor goal ever, to reach 750 donors in 1,917 minutes during the 1917 challenge, which will begin Nov. 14, 2018.

Kelsey Roderick, a scholarship recipient and an MBA graduate student expected to graduate in May 2019, also commented on the incredible impact the Eccles School has had, particularly on her as a student. During her time searching for graduate programs, she explored schools all over the nation, finding that all of them maintained a nature of competition. Roderick discussed how coming to the Eccles School at the University of Utah was different because, while we maintain a spirit of promoting growth and healthy competition, we also promote the importance of teamwork and collaboration, something unique to our school.

Roderick ended with remarking on how the impact of teamwork involves more than just the students. The success of the Eccles School and its students would not be possible without such generous donors being team players. Through their generosity, this team is paving the way of the future and pushing young entrepreneurs forward so that one day, they will be able to pay it back and continue to forge the path of the Eccles School onward.

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