A new affiliation for the David Eccles School of Business’s TEK Club will give students the ability to connect to a large national network of like-minded peers and professionals, attend prestigious conferences and competitions, and tap into resources previously unavailable.

Beginning this fall, the TEK Club will become a student chapter of the Association for Information Systems, an organization considered the premier professional entity in the research, teaching, practice and study of information systems. The U TEK Club’s new participation with the group will give students a competitive edge as they enter the workforce.

“AIS membership is an exciting step that opens up new opportunities for TEK Club members,” said Laurie Bragg, advisor and program coordinator for the Master of Science in Information Systems program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. “It’s a great resource for a student who wants to explore job opportunities in another city, or to query a global audience about different IS problem-solving approaches.”

Bragg also noted that TEK Club members will have access to AIS-sponsored student competitions and chapter awards that offer opportunities for both individual students and the club at the U to earn recognition at the national level.

The TEK Club at the U has about 75 members, both graduate students and undergrads, and the affiliation with the AIS could attract more.

Student clubs across the country are recognized by the AIS for promoting the study and practice of IS through their creation and upkeep of professional development programs, social networking and community projects.

“As much as anything, the new opportunities with AIS are cause for the TEK Club leadership to craft a longer-term, expanded strategy for club development that takes into account these new opportu