The 2012 techTITANS Innovation Competition will crown its winner of the statewide Utah entrepreneur competition on November 2nd, with $5,000 going to the winner and $2,500 to the runner-up.

Eighty-seven teams of students from eight different universities across the state submitted their business ideas this year. This year’s competition is the most competitive techTITANS event in its history— not only has there been a 50 percent increase in the number of participants, but also a big jump in the number of schools competing. From these 87 teams, the competition has been narrowed down to 10 select teams of students (all but one of whom are from the U!).

The following teams were selected to compete in the second round of the competition:

  • AdvanceCath (University of Utah)
  • The SLYDER – A Novel Inhaler Spacer (University of Utah)
  • Cloud Credit (University of Utah)
  • HINS Laser Light Catheter (University of Utah)
  • Peek Bridal Boutique (University of Utah)
  • FIT Rectal Catheter (University of Utah)
  • ClearView Laparoscopic Sheath (University of Utah)
  • Sculptene (University of Utah)
  • Global Game Tracker (University of Utah)
  • Restaurant Machine (BYU)

Additionally, there is a greenTITANS clean technology category, and the top three submissions include: Razor Jet (Ennis Henderson), HAL System (Williams Lee), and Solar Cells (Christopher Lynn).

These teams submitted a three-page summary of their business idea, combined with a 90-second video explaining their concept. These chosen few have been selected to present their ideas in person to an investor-style panel of judges this coming weekend.

“The techTITANS competition is a perfect complement to the Lassonde Center,” says Lassonde Center director Troy D’Ambrosio. “As one of the most successful student entrepreneurial centers in the country, the Lassonde Center has helped countless business and science students