Teams take 2nd place in national ethics case competition

Congratulations to both the undergraduate and graduate teams for their respective 2nd place wins in the national Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Case Competition.

A total of 11 undergraduate and 11 graduate teams participated in the national competition, which was held virtually.

The student teams analyzed ethical issues surrounding a tech company preparing for an IPO. They had a few weeks to prepare the case. After presenting to a panel of judges, they were given a twist to the case and four hours to analyze the new situation and provide recommendations that would guide the company forward with ethics at the forefront.

“This competition is designed to help students prepare for the real world by learning how to incorporate ethical decision-making into situations similar to what they might face in their professional careers,” said Hanna Skandera, President & CEO of the Daniels Fund. “It was impressive to see how well the teams performed and were able to pivot when they received the crisis part of the case.”

Congratulations again to both teams!

Undergraduate Team

  • Matthew Craft
  • Jordan Hallman
  • Lexi Hoggan
  • Hallie Martinez
  • Murray Poulson
  • Sarah Rinderknecht

Graduate Team

  • Lauren Anderson
  • Jake Benda
  • Sonja Blackham
  • McKay Perry
  • Kathleen Stone
  • Pete Tate
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