Business pre-major Lauren Vandertoolen chatted with Dana Sowby, director of the Undergraduate Career Management Center, to talk about the upcoming career fair on campus, and what students should be doing now to get ready for their summer internships and jobs. 

Here what Lauren’s learned from talking to Dana, and attending a career fair prep session: 

The Career Fair is swiftly approaching and for business students in particular, this is a key event to the end goal each is hoping to obtain: finding that perfect career. I sat down with Dana Sowby with the Undergraduate Career Management Center to find out exactly what students should do to prepare, and what to expect from the 2014 Spring Career Fair, being held in the Union Ballroom from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on February 4.

What is most important for students to do to prepare for the Career Fair?

Dana explained that prep workshops are key to obtaining confidence and positive first impressions. Having an idea of specific companies you want to talk to is extremely important. It is rare that a student will have enough time the day of the fair to visit with every employer, so identifying key companies is crucial. Another important aspect to remember is to come appropriately dressed and ready to introduce yourself. Have your elevator speech polished and a resumé ready to go. This week in the lobby of the David Eccles School of Business there are counselors available to go over both your resumé and elevator speech, no appointment needed.

Why should ALL students (especially freshmen) attend the Career Fair?

This is a perfect opportunity for freshman to exp